Influence of Substrate Type on Morphology and Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Method

Eda Bingöl, Fatih Bozali, Eyüp Fahri Keskenler, Vagif Nevruzoğlu, Murat Tomakin


In this study, ZnO thin films were grown on glass, n-Si (100), c axis textured graphite and indium tin oxide coated glass (ITO) substrates by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method. X-ray diffraction studies showed that ZnO samples have hexagonal structure with (002) preferred direction. The preferred orientation of the sample prepared on ITO substrate changed from (002) to (101). Some diffraction peaks of graphite and ITO substrates were observed in X-ray diffraction pattern. Lattice parameters of ZnO samples grew on glass, graphite and ITO substrates were approximately equal to lattice parameters of bulk ZnO (a = 3.249 Å and c = 5.206 Å). Quasi-aligned hexagonal shaped ZnO microrods were obtained for glass and ITO substrates. Room temperature photoluminescence measurements indicated a sharp ultraviolet luminescence at ~380 nm. Band gap values were found from UV peak position between 3.25 – 3.28 eV. Relative intensity of defect related peaks between 400–700 nm in photoluminescence spectra decreased significantly for ITO substrate. 

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